CIC–TEP Student Application

Before completing the application, please consider the following:

  • Are you new to CIC-TEP? Only new students-i.e., those who have not previously used the CIC-TEP benefit-should complete this application. To renew an application from a previous year, contact your home/exporting liaison.
  • Are you eligible to use CIC-TEP? Students are strongly encouraged to verify benefit eligibility with the home/exporting institution's liaison before submitting the application. 
  • Are you applying at a participating institution? Confirm that each institution to which you are applying is a current participant of CIC-TEP by searching the list of participating institutions. (This is different from CIC's full membership list.)
  • When do you plan on completing your admissions application? Students are strongly encouraged to complete their admissions application at around the same time as their CIC-TEP application.

Select the application year to which you would like to apply.

Apply for the 2024–2025 Year

Apply for the 2023–2024 Year